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Nana's Mother's Day Super Set

Nana's Mother's Day Super Set

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Because Her Kitchen Deserves the Best

Price: $475.00

Honor the heart of your home with the Nana's Mother's Day Super Set, a culmination of tradition, excellence, and love, designed by Frank "The Crank" Camacho. Inspired by a heartfelt moment with his own mother, this set celebrates the matriarchs who season our lives with love and our meals with mastery.

Product Details:

  • Triad Blade Material: Experience unmatched durability and precision with 3 layers of composite steel, featuring a high carbon steel core, ensuring each slice reflects the fine balance of tradition and modern craftsmanship.
  • Ergonomic Handle: The artistry of the comfortable Pakka Wood, graced with Copper Flower Rivets, makes each knife not only a tool but a piece of hand-held elegance, reflecting the beauty and resilience of our beloved nanas.
  • All-Inclusive Set: The 8-piece ensemble caters to every culinary challenge:
    • Chef Knife: The maestro of the kitchen, for elegant and versatile cuts.
    • Santoku: Precision and grace for those finely chopped ingredients.
    • Utility Knife: For the everyday tasks that require finesse and accuracy.
    • Paring Knife: Delicate peeling and intricate cuts made effortless.
    • Serrated Bread Knife: Glide through crusts without compromising the softness within.
    • Sharpening Rod: Keep your edges as sharp as your cooking skills.
    • Scissors: Snip herbs and open packages with ease.
    • Knife Block: A stunning sanctuary for your blades, keeping them safe and accessible.

Special Features:

  • Visible Humanized Design: Rounded corners at the blade's root and back reduce pressure on the fingers, ensuring comfort even through marathon meal preps.
  • Core Hardness: With a 60±2 HRC, these blades are crafted to endure and perform, matching the unyielding spirit of every mother.
  • Versatility in Use: Ideal for daily kitchen cooking, these knives can tackle meats, vegetables, fruits, and more—just as capable as the hands they're designed for.
  • Beauty on the Outside, Reality on the Inside: Aesthetics meet function, with a knife set that’s as visually striking as it is indispensable in the kitchen.

Celebrate this Mother’s Day with a gesture that resonates with love and functionality. With the Nana's Mother’s Day Super Set, arm the matriarch in your life with tools that elevate her culinary experience to new heights of joy and safety.

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