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Åntes Nåbåha - Mes Chamorro EDC Blade Pocket Knife

Åntes Nåbåha - Mes Chamorro EDC Blade Pocket Knife

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Celebrate your heritage with every carry.

Product Description: The Åntes Nåbåha is a testament to the enduring spirit of the Chamorro people. This everyday carry (EDC) pocket knife is both a practical tool and a portable piece of history, featuring a laser-etched design of the largest known latte stone house in the Marianas — the House of Tåga.


  • Stainless Steel Blade: A 3.15-inch blade coated in black for a sleek finish and enhanced durability.
  • Folding Design: For safety and convenience, designed with portability in mind.
  • Historical Imagery: The plastic handle displays a 19th-century illustration of the Guma Tåga on Tinian CNMI, a cultural landmark of strength and resilience.
  • Cultural Connection: This EDC knife is more than a utility; it's a celebration of our roots, perfect for Chamorro individuals at home or abroad.

Price: $60.00

"From the ancient latte stones to your pocket, the Åntes Nåbåha is your daily reminder of where we come from and the strength we carry forward."

Both the Åntes Tåktåk and Åntes Nåbåha are not just blades; they are a bridge to our past and a tool for our future. Each purchase brings you closer to the Chamorro way of life, ensuring that with every use, you're not just preparing a meal or tackling a task — you're honoring a history.

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